Saturday, November 26, 2011

International Paper Dolls

Do you remember the paper dolls that used to be included in the McCalls Magazine? Each little doll would be carefully cut out and glued to cardboard; then her clothing would be cut out for hours and hours of enjoyment dressing up the dolls and playing with them. I used to love finding the dolls in the magazines and cutting them out.

Newcastle Fabrics has just released an adorable set of eight international paper dolls designed by Sibling Arts Studios that remind me of those old McCalls paper dolls. The Sibling Arts designers say that they got the idea for their dolls from a collection of paper dolls they found when they were going through the estate of their Aunt Lindy.

Each doll in this fabric panel comes with her own ethnic style clothing. Plus, there is also a coordinating bolt of fabric that includes more dress options. (One-half yard gives you all the other options you need.) What you can do is fuse the dolls to cardboard; then use fusible fleece on the back of the clothes so that they attach to the dolls. Make a fabric pouch to put the dolls and clothing in. It's guaranteed to be hours and hours of entertainment for the little ones in your life.

Order the panel by clicking here. Order the half yard panel by clicking here. Order fusible fleece by clicking here.

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