Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Club! 19th Century Quiltmaking

Introducing Grandma's newest-in-store Quilt Club, 19th Century Quiltmaking. Led by Grandma Rachel, this club meets once per month with six sessions available.

19th Century Quiltmaking is a look at the quilting methods of an earlier era that continue to inspire us today. As Grandma says, you need look no further than the textiles produced by 19th Century women to learn about their lives, their daily passions, and the innovations of the era that allowed them to express their creativity in thread and cloth.

19th Century Quiltmaking Quilts
Colorways for 19th Century Quiltmaking
During this class you will learn, from an historic viewpoint, about 19th Century quilt styles, techniques and inventions that revolutionized quilting forever. Club members have an opportunity to socialize with friends, share stories and collect quilt blocks to make a commemorative quilt. Packed with history and adventure, you won't want to miss this exciting new club.

Quilt block kits are available in four color schemes: 1930s, 19th Century Reproductions, Patriotic colors and Batiks. Class participation is $10 per month per colorway. There is a $10 membership fee which helps offset the cost of class materials.

Grandma's Quilt Clubs are like no others that we know about. They are a fun way to learn about history that affects women today and discover new products. There are door prize drawings, an opportunity to be with friends, and quilt blocks to collect.

Dates of the club are:   September 3/4/5; October 1/2/3; November 3/4/5; December 7/8/9; 2016: January 7/8/9; February 4/5/6; March 3/4/5; April 7/8/9; May 5/6/7; June 2/3/4; July 7/8/9; August 4/5/6.

You can register for the class online by clicking here.