Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Embroidery Patterns by Aunt Martha

Sunbonnet Days #407
Aunt Martha has just come released six new booklets filled with iron-on transfers for embroidery. Reminiscent of those old-fashioned embroidery transfers of a by-gone era, you'll love the versatility of these pattern books. Each book contains eight pages, each with approximately 20 different designs. They are laid out so that you can cut out the designs that you want to use, transfer with a hot iron, and begin stitching your project. You can see color suggestions on the front and back of the booklet or use your own imagination and creativity! I recommend using six strand cotton DMC floss for your embroidery work. It's been around for many years and is perfect for this type of work. Separate the strands so you are using two strands at a time.

Playful Puppies #409
I particularly like the choice of subjects Aunt Martha choose for this set of booklets. Sunbonnets have been a favorite of mine for years. And, of course, there's a book filled with puppies of every size and description. Since Stephen and I have a very elderly daschsund, I particularly enjoyed seeing a pattern for a 'weiner dog'. The Clever Kitties pattern includes 20 different patterns for cat lovers. (And believe me, with 10 of them on the farm, we are cat lovers too!)

Clever Kitties #408
The other three books in the series are The Great Outdoors #406, Fanciful Flowers #410, and The Four Seasons #411. You may want to use these designs on Flour Sack Dishtowels, for quilt blocks, or to embellish pillowcases and other projects.

There are now 12 different booklets in the Aunt Martha Embroidery Patterns series. One of them is sure to be perfect for your embroidery projects. The only difficulty will be deciding which one of them you want to stitch. Whatever you decide, these designs are sure to be fun, fun, and more fun to create.