Sunday, November 06, 2011

Halloween at Grandma's Attic

Because Halloween fell on a "Open Sew with Tammy" day, she encouraged everyone to dress up for Halloween. Our photographer caught up with both Cheryl and Tammy that afternoon. Cheryl came as Woody Woodpecker, complete with sound effects. Tammy decided to be an angel. With wings and a halo, she floated around the tables as the Angel of Quilting, helping everyone get their projects done.

The lady in the middle is "Josephine" our larger than life mannequin. She's wearing a colonial style costume and a pumpkin for a head because we had just finished a quilt club session talking about The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. What might that have to do with quilting, you ask? When you join our newest Block of the Month Club, "To Grandma's House We Go," beginning this January, you'll be amazed at the connection. Stay tuned for details! Sign-ups start very soon.

We never can seem to catch our photographer on camera. He's always behind one rather than in front. So when he began to horse around, we snuck up and took this photo of him in his Halloween get-up. (Or is that giddy-up?) It was his first "photo finish." What a hoot that was! We wanted to take more pictures, but he said he had to hoof it to a Halloween party after work.

And as for me? I won the award for "least imagination in putting together a costume." I came as a harried quilt shop owner in a dress of many patches! Oh well. I figure that someone at least had to be around to hand out the "goodies." I suppose there's always next time. I've got a whole year to dream up something better.

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