Monday, October 04, 2010

Let's Have Patchwork Party

Time to celebrate! Patchwork Party 2010 has begun!

Fall Edition 2010 brings you twelve shops with twelve beautiful blocks, all designed by Marti Michell using her beautiful fabric collection Wild Rose by Maywood. This line of fabric is absolutely gorgeous with its old-fashioned roses and charming coordinates.

Our block is called Ladies Sashay, a reference to square dancing. And since this block sort of looks like a traditional Hole in the Barn Door quilt block, the reference to an old-fashioned barn dance seemed appropriate.

The way it works is simple. You visit each of the 12 quilt shops in the party to collect that shops' exclusive quilt block. Each shop has also designed a Finishing Kit that uses all 12 of the blocks. You decide which Finishing Kit you want to make and then you have a fabulously good time making your quilt.

Our Finishing Kit is called Meet Me in the Meadow. If you're a fan of the Twilight book and movie series, then you know that the meadow is where Edward and Bella fell in love. The fabrics in this quilt are so romantic, we couldn't resist the idea of having a beautiful quilt in the meadow. My daughter Melissa designed it; my daughter Seana pieced it; and Linda Perry of Artistically Quilted by Linda machine quilted it. Measuring 83" x 83", this queen-sized quilt is quite eye-catching and attractive, don't you think?

This Patchwork Party uses Marti Michell Templates Set M and Set S. The paper templates you need are included with each quilt block pattern; however, acrylic templates are also available. For added convenience, Marti has put together a combination template set consisting of the templates in both Set M and Set S. Set S is totally new on the market, making its debut at the same time as Patchwork Party Fall Edition 2010.

In addition to the quilt, we have created matching coordinates, including a wall quilt and matching pillowcases.

If you like to sew, you will love working with the fabric, blocks and templates in this year's Patchwork Party.

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