Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shop Remodel

This is what the classroom looked like before we remodeled this summer. Not very inviting, is it?

This is what the back of the shop looked like before the same remodel. This is where we process our mail order and work on block of the month kits. Can you imagine how we got anything done?

This is what the classroom looks like now. It's more organized and inviting than before. Don't you think?

This is how we've organized our fabric for the block of the month clubs and mail order department. It's amazing! We can actually find what we're looking for.

This is what our Block of the Month kit storage area looks like now. It's such an improvement that people don't believe me when I tell them it's only half done.

So this is what we did during the month of August and part of September. My daughter Melissa, who is studying interior design, got together with Amber and I to come up with a solution to our disorganization problem.

In my humble opinion, Melissa did a GREAT job with this. It's totally organized now and so much more efficient moving around and getting mail out the door for customers. It was almost worth all the agony we went through getting it done. I totally LOVE all the room we have. As lovely as the after pictures are, I don't think that the transformation for those of us who work in this space can be adequately captured in a few photographs. Just know that we love our new environment and enjoy working in this completely organized and totally functional workplace as we serve our online customers!

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Brian said...

Hello Rachel, Melissa and Amber....congratulations on getting your work space and classroom organized! Woo-hoo for organization. Um...I can't really say the same thing right now. But I totally understand what you went through! Love it.