Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Patriotic All-Stars Two! Block of the Month

Hurray for the Red, White and Blue! Summer is nearly here and we're getting excited about picnics in the park, vacation days, and of course, the upcoming celebration of America's Independence Day! We thought to ourselves, "what could be more appropriate for the summer than combining our popular First Ladies of America series with our Patriotic All-Stars Block of the Month Club to bring you our new (and improved) Block of the Month Club!" Therefore, we're proud to announce our new Block of the Month program: Patriotic All-Stars Two!

Each month, you receive all the fabric you need to construct a 12" star block, plus a redwork embroidery pattern of a featured First Lady, and a brief biography about her. As you stitch your block and embroider the redwork pattern, you can read about the trials and triumphs of each First Lady's residency in the White House, and how she influenced her country and the lives of female citizens. You're sure to be impressed and interested by each First Lady's life as she played her part helping to steer all Americans along the broad and diverse path of this nation.

When you've assembled all of your month's blocks and embroidered these influential ladies, you'll be sent a finishing kit detailing how to assemble all your blocks together into a final quilt. The final quilt is finished with beautiful flag fabric and will ultimately measure approximately 57" x 72". What a great fabric piece to add to your home's decor! It is the perfect project for the summer months and, of course, the upcoming election season. You're sure to love making it and owning a storied creation of your own handiwork.

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