Friday, May 09, 2014

J.F. Ingalls Roses Embroidery Club

J.F. Ingall's Roses Embroidery Club
Look what we just added to our Grandma's Attic embroidery selections! These beautiful roses are truly timeless. Each hand embroidered rose is adapted from  the J.F. Ingalls Stamping Catalog of 1887. Back then, the designs could be purchased for between 15 and 35 cents each. Customers would then have to create them using a process that involved stamping ink, a pad and kerosene or benzene to transfer the pattern to cloth.

Today, you can recreate the splendor of days gone by using Transfer-Eze, a convenient method for transferring patterns to cloth without first having to draw or trace them. Our J.F. Ingalls Roses Embroidery Club brings you 12 beautiful rose patterns, the Transfer-Eze to transfer them, and the fabric and floss to turn them into miniature wall hangings or decorative potholders. The background is white and the borders are hand-painted batiks.

Create them yourself or give them as a gift to someone who loves to hand embroider. Click here to join this monthly club!

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