Monday, January 27, 2014

"Souper" Bowl Sale at Grandma's Attic

"Souper" Bowl Sunday Sale!

Grandma's Attic is hosting a "Souper" Bowl Sale at our shop this weekend,  Friday, Saturday, Sunday, January 31 to February 2, 2014. Our fabric will be marked down and there will be an additional discount for those who bring in cans of soup or food for the local food bank.

This will be our 20th year hosting a "Souper" Bowl sale. What we do is invite our in-store customers to bring in cans of soup for the local food bank in exchange for a discount on fabric purchases. Believe me, our customers have generously donated food for the local food bank even in the tough times. It is always so reassuring to me to know that quilters are good people who care about others!

My own grandmother was a professional cook for many years. The very thought that someone might go hungry was very distressing to her. If there was something she could do to feed a hungry person, you can bet she would. My son, Kyle, says that his own memories of his great-grandmother mostly revolve around food: her big white apron, eating the plums off of her prized plum-tree, or her asking him to try yet another piece of pie after one of her big Thanksgiving dinner feasts.

With hunger still a big problem in today's world, we are glad to be able to help out in our community. Our customers help us meet this tremendous challenge with their terrific generosity.

That's my daughter, Leah, in the photo above, posing with just a few of the cans of food we're donating to the food bank.

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Gloria Ediger said...

Since I am 300 miles away now, I have missed all my friends in the shop. Leah is beautiful in her picture and looks the picture of health!