Friday, November 22, 2013

16 New Colors of DMC Floss!

DMC's 16 New Colors Pack
The DMC Company has just added 16 new colors to their line of 100% cotton six strand embroidery floss. Developed by famous needlework designers, these are the first new colors that have been added since 2001. The new colors expand on several of DMC's existing color families, and are split into two different palettes. There are eight soft, natural shades and eight bright, vibrant hues. These 16 colors are important bridges for color families that are already in the line. Unlike painters who can mix paints together, needle workers rely on floss colors to create shading and depth.

Each skein of DMC Floss is assigned both a number and a color family name, although many of us simply refer to a skein of floss by its number. For instance, DMC #470 is Light Avocado Green but most people refer to it only as DMC #470. Each skein of floss includes 8.7 yards of floss.

Bohemian Tapestry Cross Stitch Pattern
The eight new colors in soft, natural shades are:  #3880 Medium Very Dark Shell Pink; #3881 Pale Avocado Green; #3882 Medium Light Cocoa; #3883 Medium Light Copper; #3884 Medium Light Pewter; #3886 Very Dark Plum, and #3887 Ultra Very Dark Lavender.

The eight new colors in bright, vibrant hues are #3888 Medium Dark Antique Violet; #3889 Medium Light Lemon; #3891 Very Dark Bright Turquoise; #3892 Medium Light Orange Spice; #3893 Very Light Mocha Beige; #3894 Very Light Parrot Green, and #3895 Medium Dark Beaver Grey.

All DMC Floss is made in France by the DMC Company which has been in business for 268 years. Their floss is made of top quality 100% Egyptian cotton that is color fast and fade resistant. Mercerized for strength and shine, DMC offers guaranteed color consistency from one skein to the next. With the addition of these sixteen new colors, there are now 470 solid colors and 18 variegated colors of DMC six strand embroidery floss.

For now, the new colors are available in a convenient pack which includes all 16 new colors, plus three free cross stitch patterns, Bohemian Tapestry, Tropical Punch and Woodland Walk. Quilters will want toadd these new colors to their embroidery floss selections too.To order, click here

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