Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tammy and Anne in Capetown

Many of you know that our Class Coordinator, Tammy Keith, and her pal Anne, are currently on a vacation to South Africa. Tammy promised to keep in touch and we've just heard from her about her journey to date. Here's what she had to say:

"Hi Rachel: Anne and I having a great time right on the coast overlooking the Indian Ocean and huge kelp beds. We are right on the bluff on the most southern part of the peninsula in Hangklip. We are staying with a wonderful woman named Louisa. She took us to a couple of fabric stores, one of which was a very nice quilt shop located in an old house where they served us tea! The people here are very gracious. The house we are staying at is right at the point and the ocean shows from all their windows. This is pure peace with all of the scenery and wildlife thrown in. We have visited many people and no one is ever a stranger.

"I've seen baboons draped all over the barriers along the road and hope to see more of them. They are on the main road to town also.

"I have also seen Dassies on the rocks at sunset getting the last rays of the sun.

"Today we went to a penguin refuge. They were cute, but smelly. We saw some of the males sitting on eggs in the nursery area. They are amazing to see up close and they walk right by us to go down to the ocean. I could have touched them and can't wait to show photos to my grandkids.

"We've had fresh from the sea crayfish two nights in a row and lovely fresh fruit. The lady we're staying with took us to a couple of fabric stores, one of which was a very nice quilt shop located in an old house. They even served us tea! On Wednesday, we are going to the Breede River where bull sharps swim up river from the sea. I doubt we will swim though!

"The country is truly beautiful and the climate is perfect for me. I miss all of you back home but I am truly having a wonderful time while I am here. Your Friend, Tammy."

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