Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Grand Cats

From time to time, our daughter Melissa asks us to babysit her "babies," two of the largest cats in all of pampered captivity. Here's a picture of Carly Kitty. Carly Kitty is about eight years old and has been with Melissa since the day she was born. Carly is a very sweet cat who loves to play with her toys and eat.

Here's a picture of Michael with Boo Boo. Michael says this is the latest in fashion accessories--the cat purse. Boo Boo had a rough beginning. One snowy afternoon some years back, the girls mentioned to me that they thought they had heard a cat crying from the side of the road near our house. This road has a series of "S" curves on it and is on a hill outside of town. Someone, thinking that they were "way out in the country," tossed a cat out of their car and drove off.

The girls decided to investigate so they drove slowly down the road calling for kitty. Sure enough, there was a little gray striped kitten. Melissa opened the passsenger door and Boo Boo quickly jumped in. It must have taken all of his energy because when they got back to the house, Boo Boo was so emaciated he could not even lift his little tail. He just dragged it behind him for the rest of the evening.

Boo Boo has grown to be a very large cat. He is a treasured member of the family and loves to hide in bags. He also enjoys chewing on flip flops if they are left out where he can find them.

When Michael and Melissa are on vacation, Stephen and I have cat duty. We go over to their house to feed the "grand cats" and play with them. Both of these kitties are happy and healthy. And bless his heart, Boo Boo never gets very far away from the food dish.


Sharon said...

This was my first visit to your (or anyone else's) blog. What a treat. I especally liked the part about the grand cats and your San Francisco trip. You can be sure I'll be visiting again. Sharon McCarthy

Cheryl said...

love your newsletters and delighted with the blog I just clicked onto.

The Grand Cats were super. I have rescued many babies left by others. They are so appreciative for the help you give them.

Black Cat said...

That Carly is one big cat. Ha ha. How much food does it eat?

Grandma Rachel said...

Carly is indeed a "big" kitty. She is supposed to get 1/2 can of cat food a day; however, I just discovered that when Stephen has cat duty, he sneaks her the entire can! Can you believe that??