Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Shop Tour for Home Schoolers

Last Friday, I gave a few of the home schooled kids who attend our Quilt Club a tour of the shop and a sneak peek of next year's session. These kids have worked hard all year making quilt blocks and learning about the 1950s along with the rest of us. In this photo, I am showing them how we put a club together and explaining what goes into preparing for each session.

Then I took them on a tour of the back side of the shop. I showed the web store desks, the mail order area, the cutting station in the back with all the fabric that is getting ready to go out in the mail, and then took them on an explanatory tour of the brick and mortar store.

While I was talking, Georgeann set up a table so she could teach them how to embroider. She found a cross-stitch pattern by Jack Dempsey that was pre-stamped on fabric. Each student got to pick out their own animal pattern, then choose a color of floss to work with. Then Georgeann gave them an embroidery lesson. She showed them how many strands of floss to use, how to make a knot, and how to do the stitches. It looked like fun!

One of the students was left handed, just like me. To make it easier for the student, I showed her how to make left handed stitches. And since you all know that I love to embroider, and do a whole bunch of it with my Grandma Rachel's Redwork Club, I was glad for the excuse to join them!

Next year, I've got some special things in mind for the Homeschoolers who attend the Quilt Club. Sewing and needle skills are an American tradition and I am glad that to see students learning about them as they stitch their blocks.

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