Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Clothesline Club - 1930s Era

If you love 1930s style fabrics, you’re going to love the Clothesline Club. Created by Darlene Zimmerman, and published by the Robert Kaufman fabric company, this club features 1930s-Era patterns and fabric. As an official shop participant, Grandma's Attic will carry all of the fabric lines, patterns, and notions showcased throughout the year.

Four different fabric collections, all designed by Darlene Zimmerman, are used during the 12 month Club, with each of the fabric lines featured for three months. The first fabric line is Home Sweet Home. There are 20 pieces of fabric in this line plus five bonus fabrics. Included in the collection are a variety of prints with motifs such as clothespins, irons, kitchen utensils, daisies and checks in cheery 1930s-era colors.

Fabrics from Darlene's Home Sweet Home Collection, the first fabric line used in the 2009 Clothesline Club

Each month for the next 12 months, Grandma's Attic will put together a special packet utilizing Clothesline Club products. You choose only the packets you want to purchase. We’ll add a new one to our website each month. The first, Packet #1, is currently available. It contains a full-color pattern for Darlene’s Sunday Best Apron, a second full-color Bonus pattern called Washday Sweeties, plus a special newsletter from Darlene Zimmerman herself with information on the history of aprons and an apple pie recipe. The packet also contains twenty 5”x5” squares of fabric from Darlene’s Home Sweet Home collection so that you can see and feel the fabric used. Added bonuses include a full-color newsletter about the year 1930 written by Grandma Rachel of Grandma’s Attic, a full-color cover sheet to use as a cover for your own notebook that you'll fill with project pages, and a Grandma pin from Grandma’s Attic. We've made every effort to make this club affordable and fun. Price for the packet includes all shipping and handling.

Next month, Packet #2, will contain even more fabric squares and patterns from Darlene Zimmerman, plus additional bonus materials from Grandma's Attic. Believe me, if you like 1930s-era quilts and patterns, you won't want to miss a single packet!
Sunday Best Apron--the first project in the 2009 Clothesline Club. The pattern comes with Packet #1. Fabric in both colorways is also available.

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