Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Momentum

Fall is finally here and things couldn't be busier at our shop! For example, the fourth series of our popular $5 Quilt Club has already begun, with only the second talk occurring this upcoming Friday and Saturday. Patchwork Party is still in full swing which means our mail-order department is always buzzing preparing kits or mailing out our exclusive block to all of the "party-goers." And since the Holiday Season is practically around the corner, we've also been stocking up on all of the gifts and projects you'll need for those special, heart-warming gifts. Somehow, I even managed to squeeze in a small trip to a local quilt show to give a talk on Isaac Singer and his famous Singer Sewing Machine.

But before I go into too much detail, can you tell what is so special about the Singer Sewing Machine pictured below? (I'll share the answer at the end of this post.)

Antique Singer Sewing Machine

Singer Sewing Machine Case

The $5 Quilt Club remains one of the more popular events at our shop. Recent topics we've covered in class have included the First Ladies of America, She Flies with Her Own Wings (about Oregon), and Lewis and Clark's historic journey west. This year's theme is extra special: "Well Behaved Women seldom Make History." We're exploring how famous women of the past listened to their hearts, found the courage and fortitude to speak up, and exerted themselves to try and change their corner of the world for the better. We started out with Frances E. Willard. This coming Friday, we'll be talking about Elizabeth Cady Stanton. If you're making plans for the weekend, be sure to stop by the shop and register for these talks. You'll have lots of fun and learn a lot!

In addition to the $5 Quilt Club, Patchwork Party is still going strong! If you haven't take the time to visit the official site and look at all of the wonderful blocks we're offering this season, you'll want to set aside a moment or two to do just that. There is still enough time to collect your blocks and finishing kits to make an unforgettable Holiday Gift! The weather is getting a bit colder out where I live, and frankly, I feel there's nothing better on those days than to spend a little time snug in my sewing room with the patterns, fabric and threads of a new quilt project spilling out onto my lap.

Okay, so have you figured out what is so special about that sewing machine? It's the hand crank on the side. With the introduction of electricity, many of these machines were converted to electric by the addition of a motor. The hand cranks almost disappeared. With a motor, you could do twice as much work thank cranking by hand--and it didn't bother your shoulder as much either! No wonder so many of these machines were converted to electricity. When you see a Singer like this one today, it will more than likely have a motor on it--not a hand crank. Next time you're antiquing, you'll notice what I'm talking about.


glenda said...

Loved reading your post! I just saw your Singer Sewing Machine and WOW! What a suprise. I just purchased one like it at an estate sale. My friend who collects Singers is soooooooooo jealous. I have one older than any she has. :) I loved going through everything still left in the drawer by the previous owner. Everything was still w/ mine. I even found an old sale receipt. Yes I left it where I found it, right w/ the machine. I could imagine the lady sitting there planning her next sewing project. It now sits proudly in my guest bedroom. Much loved.Mine has the crank like your does. I still can't be;ieve my good fortune at finding it in deep South Georgia.
I live about 3 hours below Atlanta Ga. I learned to quilt while living in the Amish Country in Va. & Pa. I am still a "throw back" I do so love to had piece. It irritatwes my best friend so much. But I love the fel of the fabric. The challenge of getting each [iece where I want ti to go.
I look forward to reaing more of your life there.Would love to see some of your quilts you have done.
Stay warm
Glenda in South Ga.

Jill said...

Hi,my sister-in-law has the same sewing machine does anyone happen to know the model number?We are in the UK.

Anonymous said...


Do you know how much these retail at in full working order?

I have the same one and was wondering how much it is worth??

Nicholas said...

Hi there, My grandma used to have the same one, only with metal closure of the small box and rectangular box. Someone nicked it and I am looking for once since. Anybody knows the model number and where could I find one?

Anonymous said...

I have just brought over a similar Singer Sewing Machine (model number ED 663623) c1938 from Kenya to the UK. My grandfather had the agency for Singer products in the UK and this was a gift to him. This was my family's only sewing machine thru to the 60's when the family moved out from one house into several flats, and my Dad added an electric motor to ease my Mum's workload (not that she sewed that much).

I will consider selling to a good home.

Vijay, UK

Rae_Goddard said...

I just acquired one, but I dont have the key! How can I open it without damaging it?