Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chicken Pictures

In early May, I said that I wanted to post pictures of the baby chicks so you could see how much they've grown! Well, here they are! They're awfully shy and don't pose for pictures as well as the older chickens do. While the older chickens are roaming the backyard for the treats Stephen will occasionally give them, the younger chickens hide underneath their coop! The picture below is a rare moment of bravery for three of them who ventured as far as the barnyard gate! The white chicken is the most noticeable, but they're all fun to watch.

Below are pictures of the older hens who occasionally will lay an egg in the yard instead of the coop. (On most evenings, when the chickens have been let out into the yard, Stephen will go on a mini-easter egg hunt to scoop up any of the stray eggs.)

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janet said...

I love chickens. I use to have 13 when I lived in Denver. Now we have 4 pheasants. They lay eggs that are about the size of the first egg a chicken lays. Wish hubby would get over the idea of raising pheasants and we'd go back to raising chickens.
Thanks for coming by my blog.
Wish I could quilt. Lovely designs you create.