Sunday, May 20, 2007

Patchwork Party 2007

Hurry! You don’t want to be left out when the party ends in just eleven days(!) on May 31st. Don't worry; there’s still a little time for you to join this fun and fabulous program but you will need to act quickly! Most of you already know that the 2007 Spring Edition of Patchwork Party is a series of beautiful quilt blocks designed by Marti Michell using Moda’s Sanctuary line of fabric by 3 Sisters. So far, Spring 2007 has been a great "party" with many, many lovely quilts being made by our customers that are well on their way to completion. We've already seen a few and are full of admiration for the talent our customers possess. But once May 31st is here, these lovely blocks, one for each of the stores participating in this year's party, will be retired. (There's no doubt that those blocks will need the rest from the high-heeled good time they had at this year's party!)

Grandma’s Attic is the only quilt shop exclusively offering the Spring Glenn quilt block. You'll need to visit the other 11 shops to collect their particular quilt blocks.Once you've collected all twelve, you can buy our finishing kit entitled “A Rose by Any Other Name." Our queen size quilt measures 95” square and features beautiful appliqué.If you live close to our store, you’ll want to come in and see it.

If you’ve already purchased your blocks, you just might want to purchase another set and start the fun all over again. The blocks, postage paid, are a real bargain and are an economic way to make a quilt for family and friends.

Our Finishing Kit and all the accessories will continue to be available as long as we have fabric and supplies.

We're really looking forward to ending this year's party just like it started, with a big bang that promises loads of fabric fun!

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