Friday, April 20, 2007

Virginia Tech Memorial Quilts Project

Grandma's Attic is making memorial quilts for Virginia Tech. We are asking quilters who have been moved by this recent tragedy to join us by making a quilt block 12-1/2" square (unfinished size) in the colors of Virginia Tech--maroon and orange. We will assemble your blocks into quilts. Finished quilts will be sent to Virginia Tech as an offering to all who have been affected by recent events. Everyone who participates in this project will have their name listed on the quilt. If you would like to incorporate some of the Virginia Tech fabric we talked about in our last blog post, go to Grandma's Attic website and drop us a note in our comment section of the form on that link. We'll send you a small piece of this fabric to use in your block.

Make your quilt block in the colors of Virginia Tech--maroon and orange. Please do not introduce other colors into the color scheme as this is a school spirit quilt. Add only maroon, orange and neutrals (white, black, gray, off white) to your quilt block. Once you have finished your block, mail or bring it to Grandma's Attic at the address listed here on our website. Please note: in order to be included in the project, quilt blocks need to be returned to us by June 2, 2007.

Quilts have always served as historical symbols of comfort and support. As a Quilt Historian, I couldn't let this moment in history go by without commemorating it with a quilt full of the hugs and healing we all feel for the victims, survivors, students and faculty. God bless each and every one of you in advance for participating in this very special project. To learn more about Stephen's and my connection to Virginia Tech, please read the post below.


Jay said...

I just want to commend you (Rachel) for thinking of making quilts to commemorate the fallen students of Virgina Tech. This is a wonderful/fabulous idea! I will be very honored to participate!

I Love your shop, You, and those who work with you...

Thank you for this great idea!
Jeanette Spellmeyer

Anonymous said...

I think what you are doing is a GREAT idea. Please include me in participating in this project


Kim Richter

Anonymous said...

I started an effort here in Connecticut to make 32 quilts with these colors, for each of the families. I have already had 20-30 women offer to send blocks/batting/backing fabric or to help with assembling and quilting. I didn't put a time frame on it, though, because I didn't want people to feel like they couldn't meet the deadline. Should we combine our efforts? Please email me.


Joy Ely said...

This is a great idea! As a resident of Virginia, I have been touched by this tragedy. Everyone here knows someone....
I know these quilts will go a long way to help those directly affected heal.
God bless you for your efforts!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. I bought some orange and maroon fabrics so that I could do a block. Now I am having trouble finding a pattern for a 12 1/2 inch block. Any suggestions?

Grandma Rachel said...

Hello Anonymous,

First off, thanks for contributing this special project. We're very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to support it and the students of Virginia Tech.

In answer to your question, any 12 inch block will work. 12-1/2 inches refers to the fact that before this block is put into the final quilt, with seam allowances, it will measure 12-1/2 inches.

We hope that helps. Also, if you have any other questions, you can email us with this little form here. Just leave your question in our comment box.

Grandma Rachel

Anonymous said...

I hope you post more pictures of the quilt blocks you have received. It fun to see what people have created with the same basic three colors.