Monday, September 21, 2020


Introducing Grandma's newest-in-store Quilt Club, Grandma's Victory Garden. Led by Grandma Rachel, this club current meets online, available nation wide.

With husbands, sons, and fathers at war in the 1940s, American women were not only faced with maintaining their homes and families, they were also expected to keep the nation's economy running through either working outside the home or by conserving much needed food and household goods. Often, it was both. So, the nation's women planted victory gardens, sewed and knitted clothing, quilted by the radio, and waited for their husbands, sons, and fathers to return.

In our new club, you can explore the lives of women in this fascinating time period. You'll receive a kit to make a fabulous quilt, with four different colorways from which to choose. You'll also receive 5" squares of fruit and veggie fabric each month, along with a colorful booklet filled with economizing tips and techniques, plus stories from the time period. Join us as we look at women's efforts, as well as sacrifices, on the home front as our nation united to support each other during World War II.

Quilt block kits are available in four color schemes: Americana Batiks; Purple & Teal Batiks, 1930s Blue & Yellow, and Blue & Purple solids. Participation is $10 per month per colorway. There is a $10 membership fee which helps offset the cost of class materials.

Grandma's Quilt Clubs are like no others that we know about. They are a fun way to learn about history that affects women today and discover new products. Clubs are currently held virtually with

Dates of the 2020 club are: September 3/4/5; October 1/2/3; November 5/6/7; December 3/4/5; 2021: January 7/8/9; February 4/5/6; March 4/5/6; April 1/2/3; May 6/7/8; June 3/4/5; July 1/2/3; August 5/6/7.

You can register for the class online by clicking here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Temporary Change of Hours

Monday through Saturday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm; Sunday Noon - 3:00 pm

Based on new guidelines issued by Oregon Governor Kate Brown regarding the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic, we are, once again, making changes to our store hours and how we conduct business at Grandma's Attic.

During this difficult time, our brick and mortar store will be open from 10 am to 3 pm Monday-Friday, and Noon to 3 pm on Sunday. This reduction in hours allows us to limit the number of employees working, as well as keep our shop as clean as humanly possible. 

Based on the Governor's recommendation of groups of 10 or fewer people, we are suspending our quilt clubs until further notice. Instead, we will have class materials ready by the scheduled time for club. You can either pick them up any time after that, or make arrangements to have them mailed to you. In addition, our class schedule will be seriously curtailed. If you are registered in a class that has been cancelled, you will be notified by phone. 

We understand if you do not feel comfortable visiting us here at the shop for the time being. You can always call us (503-623-0451) or visit us online at We mail packages every day. Whether you live two miles away or two thousand, we are always happy to hear from you!

We will continue to communicate with you via social media, as well as make every effort to ensure that everyone who visits with us feels safe and comfortable. We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops. Be sure to follow us on facebook: to keep abreast of the latest news, especially as things develop.

Remember, needlework is a stress reliever!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Introducing Grandma's newest-in-store Quilt Club, Hoppin' and Shoppin'. Led by Grandma Rachel, this club meets once per month with
six sessions available.

Aunt Sally is shopping her way across the USA! With her friend Travis, and her little dog Sampson, she's traveling from Maryland to California, hopping from quilt shop to quilt shop enjoying a hobby she loves so much. 

Participants follow her as she uncovers fascinating facts about 12 United States, collections quilt patterns, learns new tips and techniques, all while having a load of fun! Each month, club member receive the pattern and fabric to create a 15" quilt block in one of four colorways, a colorful information booklet, and more.

Quilt block kits are available in four color schemes: 19th Century Reproductions, Americana Batiks, Assorted Batiks and Blender Brights. Class participation is $10 per month per colorway. There is a $10 membership fee which helps offset the cost of class materials.

Grandma's Quilt Clubs are like no others that we know about. They are a fun way to learn about history that affects women today and discover new products. There are door prize drawings, an opportunity to be with friends, and quilt blocks to collect.

Dates of the club are:   September 5/6/7; October 3/4/5; November 7/8/9; December 5/6/7; 2020: January 2/3/4; February 6/7/8; March 5/6/7; April 2/3/4; May 7/8/9; June 4/5/6; July 9/10/11; August 6/7/8.

You can register for the class online by clicking here.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

The Color of Forever Quilt Challenge

The Color of Forever Quilt Challenge
Our new Quilt Challenge is here! Grandma's Attic is hosting a Quilt challenge to support Sable House, our local domestic violence shelter. Our theme for the past few years has revolved around "The Color of" concept. So far, we've hosted the Color of Happiness, Kindness, Joy, Peace,  Love, Courage, Healing, Hope, Compassion, Wonder and Dreams. This year we're hosting The Color of Forever. Doesn't that sound inspiring?

Entry packets for this year's theme include five theme fabrics, challenge rules, and an entry form. All proceeds from the sale of the packets go directly to Sable House. The maximum quilt size for quilts entered into the challenge should not exceed 180 total inches when all sides are added together; however, there is no minimum size requirement. Each quilt must incorporate all theme fabrics, although the amount used is up to you. The remainder of the fabric used can be quilter's choice.

Quilts are due in to Grandma's Attic by July 24, 2019 where they will be displayed from July 27-28, 2019. The general public will be invited to vote for their favorites. Winners will be selected by customer ballot (one vote per viewer) based on Best Interpretation of Theme and Best Use of Color. (Remember, this is the general public, not professional quilt judges, so don't be afraid to enter!) First Place prize is a $100 gift certificate to Grandma's Attic; Second Place prize is a $50 gift certificate; Third Place is a $25 gift certificate. In addition, both the Best Interpretation of Theme and Best Use of Color will receive a five yard fabric bundle.

 Quilts will also be displayed at the Polk County Fair in Rickreall, Oregon held in August, and on display at other locations as well. All quilts will be returned to their owners by the end of August, 2019. If you'd like to participate in this quilt challenge, you can purchase a packet either at the shop or on the web. We can't wait to see what you've dreamed up!

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

The Color of Happiness Quilt Challange

Crow Gathering
Here are the winning quilts from the Color of Happiness quilt challenge held at Grandma's Attic this year. This challenge is a charitable event designed to raise awareness and funds for Sable House, a local agency assisting survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence in Polk County, Oregon.
Gramma's Snapdragons
You Are My Sunshine
Earlier this year, Grandma's Attic provided applicants with entry packets consisting of five different orange fabrics. Entrants were challenged to creatively incorporate these fabrics into a final quilt design. Proceeds benefited Sable House.

Voting began July 28th and ended August 5th. The general public was invited to vote for their favorite quilt, plus two categories: Best Use of Color and Best Interpretation of Theme. Votes were tallied and winners selected.

Winners are as follows:  
First Place:  "Crow Gathering" by Cindy Graff, who won a $100 gift certificate.
Second Place: "Gramma's Snapdragons by Brenda Lopez, who won a $50 gift certificate. 
Third Place: (Tie)  "You are My Sunshine" by Debbie Garvin, who won a $25 gift certificate and "The Color of Happiness" by Mara Johns, who won a $25 gift certificate.
The Color of Happiness
Best Use of Color:  "Over the Rainbow" by  Linda Sharples, who won a fabric bundle.
Best Interpretation of Theme: (Tie)  "Door to Hope" by Bettirae Willis, who won a fabric bundle  and "Bunny Happiness is Carrots Galore" by Mary Lindstrom, who won a fabric bundle.

Bunny Happiness is Carrots Galore
Door to Hope

Over the Rainbow


Grandma's Attic, a Polk County business, is strongly committed to the health and safety of women and children in Polk County. The business fully supports the various local resources who share these goals and are dedicated to raising awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault issues through the arts and crafts. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Snips and Snails....

Snips and Snails Block of the Month Club
Our newest block of the month club, Snips and Snails, is filled with classic quilt blocks created from beautiful contemporary batiks. It's a combination that promises to be fun and festive, while allowing you to make quilt blocks that have been quilters' favorites for decades.

Quilt blocks include such classics as Propeller, Windmill, Snail’s Trail, and Rail Fence. The batik fabrics are in shades of purple, green, blue, and violet. Each block is easy-to-complete and incredibly fun to put together. Each month, you receive the fabric and patterns needed to create one quilt block. A Finishing Kit to complete the quilt top is sent in the 13th month. When completed, this quilt measures 59" x 73" To join this club, click here.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Esther Howland's Valentine Cards

Esther Howland (1828-1904) is credited with creating the first Valentine's Day cards in the 1840s. Today, it is estimated that nearly one billion Valentine's cards are sent each year worldwide, and the Greeting Card Association honors her by hosting the annual Esther Howland Award.

Esther's family owned a large book and stationery store in Worcester, Massachusetts. When she was young, they sent her to the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary where she graduated in the class of 1847, as a contemporary of Emily Dickenson. While at the Seminary, she participated in annual Valentine festivities. Upon graduation, one of her father's business associates sent her an elaborate English Valentine. Made with perforated and embossed lace paper, these cards were popular in England.

Realizing that she could make these beautiful cards herself, she convinced her father to order supplies from England and New York City. She then made samples which she sent out with her brother on his sales trips. Secretly hoping for $200 in sales, she discovered upon her brother's return that he had garnered over $5,000 in advance sales. She asked her friends and family to help make them assembly line fashion, and her $100,000/year business was born.

Esther Howland Valentine
Esther is credited with introducing many innovations in Valentine design, including placing a brightly colored wafer of paper underneath the embossed lace to create more contrast. She also created the built-in shadow box that became popular in the latter part of her career.

In business for over 30 years, Esther established herself and earned a good living at a time when many women were marginalized. She never married, and during the last 15 years of her career, a knee injury forced her into a wheelchair.

Esther Howland Valentine
In 1881, Esther sold her valentine business to George Whitney, a valentine manufacturing company in business from 1866 to 1942. Whitney installed the machinery necessary to make paper lace domestically. By the time of her death in 1904, Esther had earned the accolade of "Mother of the American Valentine."